The Monts de Vaucluse

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The mountains in colour!

The variations between agriculture land, and the snowy peaks of the Monts de Vaucluse gives the landscapes a chameleon-like fascination.

A plain dotted with orchards, broken by rolling hills. Secret and generous, flat and mountainous The Mont de Vaucluse country will absolutely seduce you!

Located between the Calavon and Nesque valleys, the Monts de Vaucluse form a geographical and geological continuum. The moderate elevation — the highest point is at 1,242 meters altitude, and a softly undulating terrain, make it an ideal area for walkers. The spectacle is different in every season!

In autumn the hills are speckled red, in summer they seem overwhelmed by the sun, and only the cicadas and their songs, and scents of thyme and rosemary, hint that life goes on...

It is undoubtedly in the springtime that the hills are at their most beautiful and generous, when broom and cistus, along with pink, yellow, blue or purple orchids colour the grey rocks.

The winter wind whistles between the pines and oaks, while the rocks become golden at sunset. The sky is pure and invites you to discover Provence in the Cevennes Mountains.