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Exposition "Landscape" d'Hilary Dymond au Centre d'Art Campredon

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Until Sunday 17 Jun
Web Site https://www.campredoncentredart.com/
Phone 04 90 38 17 41
Address 20, rue du Docteur Tallet 84800 L' Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
The Campredon Art Center will host, from March 10 to June 17, 2018, the first major retrospective dedicated to Hilary Dymond for ten years: Landscape. One of the specificities of Hilary Dymond's work is its serial aspect. The painter invests subjects that she exhausts for months or even years. She does this work in her studio, after a long survey of nature. The Fields (1995-2000), Lakes (2003-2005), Mountains (2003-2006), Coasts (2008-2009), Venice (2010-2013) and Mediterranean (2015-), this retrospective offers a wide overview of the evolution of his painting, always located within the limits of the landscape. Both thematic and chronological, it reveals a virtuoso gesture; Hilary Dymond varies her touch with finesse and incessant games of materials inhabit her paintings. This pictorial gesture is all the more assertive as its palette unfolds from cream-colored, almost monochrome shades to vivid color contrasts. These canvases respond to a specific project: to transcribe plastically, or rather pictorially, the forms, the effects and the colors of a nature in transition, in passage. The independence of Hilary Dymond is perceptible in these landscapes, where the human is absent. His painting restores mimesis, that is to say the will to imitate nature - a concept that has not been abandoned, but sometimes put aside by contemporary painting. It certainly goes against what is usually seen in white cubes and art centers. But to which artist can one reproach his independence of mind, his freedom? Hilary Dymond was born in Blackwood (Wales) in 1953. After an apprenticeship at Kingston Polytechnic (London) and then at the Wimbledon School of Art (London), she continued her studies at the Lyon School of Fine Arts, of which she graduated with honors. She has frequently been exhibited at the Claire Gastaud Gallery (Clermont-Ferrand), but also at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon or Palazzo Bricherasio (Turin). His last major retrospective took place ten years ago, at Château d'Hauterives (2007). It has entered the collections of the Paul Dini Museum (Villefranche-sur-Saône), the cities of Lyon, Genas, Francheville and the Palais Bricherasio (Turin). Many of his works are in prestigious private collections in Europe and the United States.
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Until Sun 17 Jun 2018
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