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J-H Lartigue "La vie en Couleurs" au Centre d'Art Campredon

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  • Cultural
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Saturday 28 Oct
Phone 04 90 38 67 81
Address 20, rue du docteur Tallet 84800 L' Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
> JH LARTIGUE, LIFE IN COLORS The exhibition Lartigue, life in color, presented at Campredon art center from October 28, 2017 to February 18, 2018, unveils an unpublished section of the work of photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. Although the color represents more than one third of all his shots, it has never been shown or exposed as such. It will be a real discovery for the public, not only because the photos presented will be for the first time or almost but also because they reveal an unknown and surprising Lartigue. I am in love with the light, I am in love with the sun, I am in love with the shade, I am in love with the rain, I am in love with everything. For this lover, the color of the sky is vital. Throughout the year, every year, Lartigue is attentive to the transformations of nature that he exalts behind his lens and whose color makes all the subtleties [...] His photographs are so well composed that one might believe them staged or retouched, in a word manufactured while they are always the fruit of spontaneity and the mirror of the pleasures he takes in life. For this instinctive photographer, color celebrates joy, sensuality and, more than anything, lends itself to the celebration of spring, seasons, sky and beauty in all its sensitive forms. The art center presents on this occasion, 127 color photographs and documents. > THE ANONYMOUS, SNAPSHOTS OF THE LOLA GARRIDO COLLECTION In the age of the selfie, it is not surprising that the paper snapshot is once again taking a special place in our culture.In recent years, snapshots, which we call snapshots are once again the subject of books and exhibitions at major museums, and personal print has always been one of the most important ways for people to capture family, friends and important events in the world. They are linked to memories and, for many, to nostalgia, and today, more than ever, with the digital means that dominate our exhaustive clichés soliciting more oblivion than memory.The photographic memory and the printed photos Having disappeared from our language, snapshots exert a powerful attraction on us. [...] Collecting snapshots means that we are looking for an unknown image, a failure or a simple photographic accident. including blurry images set aside. They belong to times when instant photography was a process in which only chance and need intervened ... Lola Garrido The second floor of Campredon art center will dedicate its exhibition halls to these found objects: 50 anonymous photos and familiar, living forms of the collective photographic memory.
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  • J-H Lartigue
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