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Antithéatre et Anthéadora: Faisons un rêve

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Friday 17 May
Web Site http://www.auditoriumjeanmoulin.com/
Phone 04 90 33 96 80
Address Auditorium Jean Moulin 971 Chemin des Estourans 84250 Le Thor
De Sacha Guitry In partnership with the Trestles of Lagnes Theater + 10 years old The only faithful love, it is the own love Sacha GUITRY Facetious and virtuoso of the writing, Sacha Guitry makes the vaudeville a jewel of happy humor, of caustic grace, of laughter without vulgarity. The verb, the verve, the love of language and misunderstandings, three unleashed actors who play and play feelings and pretense with jubilation and frenzy. The triangle is classic but revisited: seduce the wife of a friend with the complicity ... very involuntary (!) Of the husband. The comedy, sometimes bittersweet, is conducted deceiving drum, everyone fooled and steals. The doors slam, words burst, time is accelerating. In a staging and a decor that preserve the old-fashioned charm of the time, the dialogues are brilliant, irresistible charm and intelligence ... The actors revel in playing without exaggerations, incredible situations on a score of a deliciously chiseled humor. The audience gloats. It's brilliant, fine, funny, rhythmic, full of tenderness, undisciplined ... A pure moment of laughter and laughter that can be shared with the family. Direction: Anthéa Sogno With: Anthéa Sogno, Christophe De Mareuil alternating with Christophe Barbier and Didier Constant Lights: Richard Véra Duration: 1h35 Full price: 19 € Member rate; student: 16 € Price -18years, Jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries: 10 €