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Adieu Monsieur Haffmann

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Thursday 17 Jan
Web Site http://www.auditoriumjeanmoulin.com/
Phone 04 90 33 96 80
Address Auditorium Jean Moulin 971 Chemin des Estourans 84250 Le Thor
In partnership with Tréteaux de Lagnes Théâtre + 12 years old 2017 Barrière Molières Foundation Theater Award: Best Private Theater Show / Best French Spoken Writer / Best Supporting Actor / Female Revelation I have tried to write a play about love, courage and fear. 1942: the raid of the Vel d'hiv, the persecutions, the wearing of the yellow star ... Joseph Haffmann, jeweler Jew, offers his employee to run his business while he hides in his cellar. The latter accepts but by posing a most intimate unexpected condition, that we let you discover! Will they say that courage is stronger than fear, as Joseph thinks? Centerpiece of a brilliantly constructed ensemble, after a series of short paintings, quickly chained, the final dinner stands on the wire of tension and danger while the guests blow hot and cold. Fluid. Cinematic almost. Curious and troubling negotiation against a backdrop of war, Nazism, anti-Semitism, black market, stolen art objects, fear and threats ... (...) Clever, effective but without easy effects. Is it the game of actors that brings this sensitivity and humor flayed? (...) With charm and emotion, Jean-Philippe Daguerre recreates before our eyes dumbfounded the hidden torments of Paris from 1942 ... Fabienne Pascaud, February 14, 2018 Texts and staging: Jean-Philippe Daguerre With: Charles Lelaure, Julie Cavanna, Alexandre Bonstein, Franck Desmedt or Jean-Philippe Daguerre, Charlotte Matzneff or Salomé Villiers alternately Sets: Caroline Mexme / Music: Hervé Haine / Lights: Aurélien Amsellem / Costumes: Virginie Houdinière / Assistant Director: Hervé Haine / Artistic Collaboration: Laurence Pollet-Villard With the support of the ACTIF network Duration: 1h25 Full price: 19 € Membership rate; student; EC: 16 € Price -18years, Jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries: 10 € + Light meals on site from 19h