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Thomas Fersen: Mes amitiés à votre mère

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Saturday 12 Jan
Web Site http://www.auditoriumjeanmoulin.com/
Phone 04 90 33 96 80
Address Auditorium Jean Moulin 971 Chemin des Estourans 84250 Le Thor
French chanson Tout public Show the invisible in the heart of theatrical space Alone on stage, I pass, without breaking the thread of the story, monologues spoken to those sung. I get rid of the scenic artifices to refine my relationship with the room, to refuse what compels the game, and reject the frozen image in favor of the living image, created in the moment by the word, the silence, the gesture . Storyteller, melodist of the cities, chic, elegant and melancholy, Thomas Fersen took the time, in 25 years of career, to build an original and personal work that occupies a special place in the French song. In recent years, he has multiplied experiences, unexpected poetic performances in jubilant solos punctuated by monologues; between story and fable, farce and poem. He excels in this intimist register where the concert reveals a whole theater. The ideal setting to display his world, his poetry and his humor. An evening of sharing the bright eyes of what connects us to each other in the same smile, the air of nothing, while delicacy. Full price: € 22 Reduced price: € 17 + Light meals on site from 7pm