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Le Thor fête le Chassela

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  • Celebration and tradition
  • Local event
Saturday 15 Sep
Web Site http://www.ville-lethor.fr
Phone 04 90 33 92 17
Address 84250 Le Thor
Shows, exhibitions, parades, conferences, thematic walks, entertainment, catering .... To know everything from the Uvale Station to the Gare du Maroc, from the Chasselas hotel to the Syndicat des producteurs ... With a show by SON & LIGHT on the walls of the ramparts, around authentic and lively theatrical scenes and passionate extras! Saturday, September 15 10h00-12h30 - Saynète Chasselas market, negotiation At the foot of the belfry 1:30 pm 5:30 pm - Heritage entertainment • Visit Church Church • City center visit Meeting at the Tourist Office • Exhibition Multipurpose room • Rally Games discovering the Heritage City Center + Sorgue 6:00 pm Corso of the carts Loop street Republic place Chasselas, rue Goujon 9:00 pm Show the Grapes of Culture Place du Chasselas 22:00 01:00 Orchestra & Musical entertainment Place du 8 Mai et 11 Novembre Sunday 16 September 10:30 Messe du Chasselas Church 12:00 to 1:30 pm Chiron Saying - In front of the village hall 1:30 pm 5:30 pm - Heritage activities • Li Pescaire History of the Sorgue fishermen - Para Garden • Street Art workshop on local heritage - Para Garden + Espace Jeunesse • Visit Church Church • Visit downtown -Rdv in front of the hall 18h30 - Conference of archaeologist Andréas Hartamnn Church