The Sunday Provence market

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The traditional Sunday market walk is part of Vauclusian family life, and mine is no exception. Pleasant in any season, but especially when the sun is on the tip of your nose and the summer fruits make their appearance on the market stalls.


We have our little shopping habits, the best sausages value, the cheesemonger who doesn't even need to ask you what type of cheese you'd like, one eye on the beautiful clothes for sale week after week! We always spend a lovely time, often with a delicious ice cream treat. My colleague Marion would be more likely to buy some olives and taste them with a a good anis on the terrace.


What I appreciate most is the “Isle”, with its human scale, its Provençal market that awakens my senses through the seasons. For a Brussels girl like me , what a pleasure it is to smell all these fragrances or see all these merry merchants offering me a taste of their products! What is good about this market is that ther's something for everyone - Mum loves oysters, Dad gets his tapenade, the little brother looking at the comic books, or my boyfriend, not knowing what piece of jewellery he should buy for me ;-)


All year round, every Sunday morning in L'Isle sur la Sorgue town centre.



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